This Online course will be done through the Discord. The course is divided into 3 classes of 3 hours each, making a total of 9 hours. It is arranged that way so each class does not give too much information that may collapse and thus the learning is effective. In any case, the classes will be recorded so you can always watch the recorded class if you need to review or remember something. Between those classes I will ask you for a task that you will have time to do during the hours between classes and it will be reviewed at the beginning of the second and third class. We will be in contact by Discord along the the weekend and you will be part of the private access to my Discord to keep the learning circle with studients and me.


The classes time:

This time classes time will be open for the best time for the students, so we will be in contact to decide the best time for all of you.


The course, obviously, is focused on the ZBrush digital modeling tool, so it is specially focus to people how is new on Zbrush, from a basic or beginner level, going through the most important features and process into the tool.


You will be sculpting a Space Marine bust along the weekend, that's the plan and a nice goal to get.


The price of the course is € 100 and there are only a number of spots available for this first course at 17th-18th-19th Nov. Once the class is full we will have to wait for the next one, which will probably be done about two weeks later.


The idea is to continue taking more advanced courses each time to be able to offer and provide teaching in all planes of sculpture, not only in terms of the tool (ZBrush) but also in terms of its processes, artistic knowledge and creative development. 


All information about new courses will be published on my Instagram.

ZBrush course for beginners (English)