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Anatomy 75mm

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€12.00Sale Price

75mm anatomy (75mm figure). Sale of last units for closing of liquidation. For a limited time.In a limited time.


    The 75mm anatomy and manikin is designed and developed to help new sculptors to start and improve their artistic skills on the miniatures world. Figure is around 75mm to its eyes, finely casted in high quality resin. This is an item of exclusive sale here.

    Sold unassembled and unpainted


    We ship orders safetly and efficiently through postal mail all over the world. This is a secure and cheaper way to get your goods. Our figure's packaging is prepared so they are safe for long trips around the world, together if there were any damage or problem in some piece we will replace it with the greatest urgency.


    If you are not satisfied with your purchase we will refund your money, for this you must make the cancellation during the 15 days after the purchase. Simply send us an email letting us know your return and shipping the item. For more info please read our a refund and Cancellation policy.